About Us

JHDT Stock Images is owned and operated by Jake Hellbach and Delores Taylor.

 Jake has been a photographer for many years but has always wanted to make videos. He is now an accomplished videographer. Jake has produced over one thousand video clips, with many being made editor’s choice on the stock video sites. He uses the Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 7D high definition cameras. He also is well versed in Adobe After Effects and Sony Vegas for post-production editing. Jake’s creative use of artificial and natural lighting, as well a tools such as a steadicam, table dolly, floor dolly, or crane increase the production value of his footage.


Delores assists Jake with the less technical side of video production, but from time to time does work behind the camera. Delores is also a photographer. She uses a Canon 7D and is proficient in Adobe Photoshop CS4. She loves working with inexperienced models to bring forth the best acting or poses possible. Another important job that Delores takes great care with is key-wording all the videos and photographs. The relationship between the image and the keywords is essential.


Jake and Delores know the value of good teamwork. Shoots often consist of moving between videography and photography. So, whether working with models or doing the modeling themselves, it is a team effort that demands the talents of both to succeed in this highly competitive business.